New Book on President Trump is Released Friday

In Washington Friday morning, the fallout continues over a new book and the behind-the-scenes look at the Trump White House.

That book went on sale at midnight, but many of its explosive details were released early.

Upon release, "Fire and Fury" sold out in minutes at a Washington D.C. bookstore with explosive details, unverified by NBC, which describes the President as mentally unfit.

Author Michael Wolff has been accused previously of stretching the truth.

Some of the most damaging information comes from former chief strategist Steve Bannon; now Bannon’s telling a different story. 

Many Republicans are now siding with the President.

In the book, Bannon calls Donald Trump Junior "treasonous" for meeting with a Russian lawyer. Democrats think that could spark new questions in the Russia investigation.

Meanwhile, the book, which is unflattering and unrelenting in its criticism of the new administration, is already topping Amazon’s bestseller list.