Nearly 50% of aluminum cans nationwide start in Logan Aluminum

RUSSELLVILLE Ky.-Aluminum cans are often seen as a part of daily life. Before they hold beverages, they’re formed in Logan Aluminum in Russellville. Just under 50% of the aluminum sheet that goes to the beverage can market for the entire nation comes from this facility. For plant manager Paul Banks, it’s a joy to know.

“We produce just a little over 2 billion pounds annually, so if you’re getting a 6 pack of coke, pepsi, or adult beverages, there’s a really good chance that half of that came right through Russellville Kentucky,” Banks said.

The inner workings of the operation are impressive, with machines whirling and whizzing along and churning out giant sheets of aluminum.

“The thing about aluminum, is that it’s one of the greenest packages ever made. We’re all about recycling, so the majority of our product is from recycled content. If you recycle one can, that saves about 95 percent of the energy that it would take to make that can from primary aluminum,” Banks said.

Banks says that when consumers recycle cans at home, the cans are -really- put to good use.

Huge shipments of old and used cans are shipped back to Russellville where they are processed all over again to become new sheets of aluminum. The giant sheets are then put in huge rolls and sent to factories where they actually become the cans found at local stores.

Some aluminum cans are made from raw materials, but this facility only processes recycled cans that have been gathered from recycling programs across the country.