National Wildfire Awareness Month

SOUTH CENTRAL KENTUCKY – Even though Kentucky’s spring fire season is technically over, with summer like temperatures on our heels, May is national wildfire awareness month in the U.S.

Kessley Baker,  a wildfire mitigation specialist with the Kentucky Division of Forestry said Kentucky averages about 700 wildfires around this time of year with 60% of them usually a result of arson. Baker also said throughout the south, from Kentucky down to Florida is the leading area for wildfires.

“On the West Coast, they might be bigger, but there are only a few a year while in the South there are many smalls fires that break out.” Baker added.

Baker gave News 40 some tips for if you’re looking to get outside as well. The specialist said to make sure that your fire is contained, using existing fire pits at campsites if available. Baker also mentioned firepits and how they can be just as dangerous as an open campfire.

“I know people don’t really consider them as campfires but those can get away from you too if you’re not careful.”