National Special Education day

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-December 2 is known as National Special Education Day and a local non-profit is celebrating and commemorating the day.

In Bowling Green, the Hive INC. on the 31-west-bypass seeks to help those with special needs through various activities like painting.

An open house is being held to raise awareness of the Hive mission.

National special education day Is a day to celebrate the strides that have been made when it comes to education.

On December 2, 1975, the individuals with disabilities education act was signed into law, guaranteeing access to free public education to every child with a disability.

“We actually have some schools that collaborate with us to get their students transitioned from high school into their adult setting, and we’re really excited about that opportunity,” said Hive Inc. founder and executive director Laura Orsland.

The Hive open house will continue through December 5, and then again from December 9 through 12.