National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Jan. 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

The day was set aside to give a “thank you” to those who at times risk their lives to protect us regular civilians in times of crisis, National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is celebrated in various ways all across the state. Here in Bowling Green, News 40 popped by Bowling Green Police Department to talk to one long time officer of the law.

Ronnie Ward, Public Information Officer for the BGPD said it’s an “honor to be revered by the community.”

“Most of our guys are from here, they raise their families here, they shop here, they go to church here. This is our community too and we want it safe for everyone, not just us.” the officer stated. “Policing in the city of Bowling Green has been great for me and this agency. I know there are people out there that pray for us everyday, and think about us every day. These people bring us food, they drop off cards.”