National Fentanyl Awareness & Prevention Day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – It’s a drug that has been claiming lives left and right, and today the country wants to acknowledge it’s dangers.

Fentanyl is a highly potent substance that has been used to lace many other drugs if not just ingested solely by itself, and it has terrible consequences. Even a tiny bit of fentanyl can be lethal to an adult, let alone a child, so of course it’s something that many people worry about.

News 40 spoke to David Duncan, a TEAP Specialist at Western Kentucky University who teaches Drugs and Society and Substance Abuse as well as work with many struggling with drug addiction. In a brief phone interview, Duncan said many things regarding fentanyl.

Duncan said he’s worked with addicts who “swear up and down they’ve only done meth” but are testing positive fentanyl, Duncan said this is because “they’re putting it in everything”.  Duncan said he knows that addiction can be a monumental struggle but short of living drug free, Duncan encourages everyone to at least check substances with a special kit before use.