Naked Children Found Locked In Empty Apartment

Body camera video shows the moment officers climbed a ladder to enter a home where two children found after one was seen hanging naked from second story window. WTOV's Gage Goulding reports.

(WTOV/NBC News) — Newly released body camera footage shows the moment a Toronto, Ohio, police officer climbed a ladder to enter a home where two small children were locked inside.

The Toronto Police Department was called to the apartment Friday when a neighbor saw a young boy hanging out of a second-story window and throwing clothes into the alley below.

Sergeant Derrick Piatt was the first to arrive at the apartment, where the doors and windows were locked.

He radioed for the Toronto Fire Department to respond with a ladder, then used it to climb inside.

“Deplorable conditions,” Sgt. Piatt said. “It’s probably one of the worst houses I’ve even been in. Several hundred flies were inside.”

Inside, he found two young boys, age 2 and 3, one of them completely naked.

When Sgt. Piatt tried to open the bedroom door to let other officers in the room he realized the locks on the doors were swapped, facing the hallway.

Even worse, the door handles tied shut using an extension cord.

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