Mother Nature finally gives WNKY viewing area taste of winter weather

It was just enough of a winter storm to keep forecasters on their toes. Although the storm brought warm temperatures and rain at first, when the snow started to fall, it made for a fierce scene if you watched it from a window or stepped outside to experience it firsthand.

Sidewalks and roads were coated in ice, snow and even late-day slush.

But, the snowy carpet Mother Nature put down was exactly what winter weather lovers needed in a season that had been quiet up to now.

So, how much snow actually fell? 2.2 inches officially, according to the National Weather Service. While that might not seem like much, it was enough to catch South Central Kentucky up to the seasonal average with a few tenths of an inch to give.

And, whether you think two inches is a big snow, it was enough to cause a few cancellations.

And, although there were a few cancellations, the fact the storm hit on a holiday weekend helped to reduce the impact of closings and delays.