Mother and daughters open Cave City bar

CAVE CITY, Ky.- It’ll be a dive bar in the heart of downtown, and one of only two bars in Cave City, this one is owned by three women.

Debbie Passmore and her two daughters are owners at Dive, a bar opening on Broadway St.

“Local people and tourists need a place to go and things to do at nighttime. There’s lots of family things to do around here,” Passmore said.

Broadway is full of small businesses, many of them are owned by women.

“We have lots of women business owners down the street, and they’re all really good women who work hard. Me and my daughter work hard, so we’re real excited and think that we can do a lot with this,” said Passmore.

It’ll be one of only two bars in downtown Cave City, and it’s run by women which is unusual.

“I’ve noticed that’s there’s been a lot of negative thinking towards it in a way. I’m not one of these people that complain about all that, but I’ve noticed it’s been difficult. Most of the time people think that because it’s a woman owned bar, that it’s going to be shadier than normal,” said Leticia Cline, co-owner at Dive.

Despite the stigma when it comes to women owning bars, Leticia said women offer something special as business owners.

“In my opinion women have a greater attention to detail, we’re more organized. This is us as a family, it’s me and my sister and my mother. We have everything invested into it, and we want it to be run right,” said Cline.

Dive is set to open in early May, and there will be a grand opening.