Morgantown passes restaurant tax

MORGANTOWN, Ky. – Eating out in Morgantown will soon cost a little bit more.

The city voted Thursday night to implement a restaurant tax that will take effect January 1.

The 3% restaurant tax will be used to fund renovations of Charles Black City Park in Morgantown.

The park has seen its fair share of visitors and foot traffic over the years and now the city is looking to upgrade it.

“Completely redesigning baseball fields, they’ll be tournament accessible. We are moving tennis courts, making brand new tennis courts, a new walking track. We are building an amphitheater to be able to host some different type of events there. The whole park as we see it now will be changed,” said Morgantown Mayor Billy Phelps.

 “People don’t go there right now because of the condition that it is in, but I think once it is done, it’ll have more incoming traffic,” said Sierra Childress, a Butler County resident.

The decision for the tax implementation is controversial among restaurant owners and among some residents in Butler County.

“I don’t think they are going to want to go out to eat as much, it’s going to be more expensive, especially if you have a big family,” said Childress.

Mayor Phelps, who supports the tax, emphasized that the renovation will bring in tourists to the city and, thus, money for the city.

The tax would mean that a $20 meal would have $0.60 added to the bill.