More than $1 million given to local counties for road repairs 

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-More than $1 million has been given to local counties for road and bridge repairs.

This week Edmonson and Logan counties received more than $500,000 each in discretionary funding for county road and bridge renovations.

Representatives from the Department of Rural Municipal Aid continue touring the state to hear about various roadway concerns. The awarded funding is a result of that tour.

“We’re going on these listening tours, and the fiscal court is providing us vital information on what their top needs are. The folks over at the Department of Rural Municipal Aid are doing their best to give them as much funding as possible,” said Wes Watt, Public Information Officer at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 3.

The effort to repair rural county roads is part of a bigger push from Governor Matt Bevin’s administration to address infrastructure needs around the state.

“They’ve always gotten money from the Department of Rural Municipal aid, but this has been a concentrated effort to go out in meet with the folks in every county. To find out what their needs are, and try to get them even more money,” said Watt.

In Edmonson county, $523,000 will go to resurfacing six county roads and fixing railing and sidewalks on the Green River Bridge.

“The Green River intersects our community and our county, so it is a major road through our community and very vital,” said Rhonda Clemmons, Executive Director at the Edmonson County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Commission Offices.

Some of the roads through Brownsville serve as major routes for tourists heading to Mammoth Cave or Nolin River Lake.

“Tourism is one of our main economic drivers, and the funding for the roads and bridges is vital for our transportation and bringing tourists to our community,” said Clemmons.

Counties are responsible for making the repairs, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will provide reimbursement for the projects.