Monday Motivator – The Idea Lab

Hidden in the back of the Bob Kirby Branch, there is a room teeming with complex machines and creative opportunities.

It’s called the Idea Lab.

On a monthly basis, interactive classes are giving adults in the community a chance to express themselves.

At the Bob Kirby Branch, adults can not only learn a variety of creative outlets, but they can bring it to life.

From sewing machines, a 3-D printer and button makers, there are endless ways to express one’s self in the idea lab.

Beyond just being a fun place to create, the idea lab has benefitted local businesses.

It’s also helping with gift making around the holidays.

Bob Kirby Branch Manager, Ashley Fowlkes, encourages those inexperienced with the complex machines to take classes anyway.

If you would like to take classes at the Idea Lab, click here to visit the WCPL website and learn how.

The Idea Lab is open during regular library business hours and on Saturdays in the mornings and afternoons.