Missionaries repair homes for those in need

AUBURN, Ky.- A group of Christian missionaries helped repair homes Tuesday for those in need locally.

The Kentucky Changers worked tirelessly Tuesday, in the rain and heat, to help replace an Auburn woman’s severely damaged roof and build her home a new deck.

The homeowner in Auburn has needed a new roof for quite some time but couldn’t afford to have it repaired.

“We’re coming in and providing labor and materials. Most of the money came was raised by the local churches in Logan and Todd counties, so it doesn’t cost the homeowner anything,” said Joe Ball, project coordinator at Russellville Kentucky Changers.

Most of the missionaries are teens who are working in construction for the first time.

“I didn’t know what most of the stuff was. I could screw a screw, but I couldn’t nail a nail. It seems a little bit harder, but it’s actually pretty cool,” said Jill Sharp, volunteer at Kentucky Changers.

This crew will have four days to complete the work on the roof and the deck. They work all day, receive donated meals and sleep on the floor.

“It’s changed me a lot. I’ve grown from this hyper little 13-year-old to a mature 18-year-old, somewhat mature. It’s shown me who Jesus really is, and how to serve people in my community,” said Daniel Tacker, volunteer at Kentucky Changers.

For the Changers, this mission is all about helping the people in need right at home.

“Kentucky doesn’t really have that much money, and there’s still some people who struggle with financial stuff. So, they can’t fix things on their own. Sometimes they’re disabled and they legit cannot even leave their house, or they can not take on this stuff by themselves,” said Sharp.

Twenty crews are repairing homes throughout Logan and Todd counties this week. In one week, 30 projects are expected to be completed.