Minter prefiles state legislation to extend civil rights protections to LGBTQ residents

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – After years of trying to convince the city of Bowling Green to pass a Fairness Ordinance that would prohibit housing and employment discrimination toward the city’s LGBTQ population, State Rep. Patti Minter has taken that issue on at the state level

Bill Request 990 that Minter filed Wednesday is an act relating to civil rights that, if passed, would amend state law to prohibit discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity.

While 21 cities in the commonwealth have fairness legislation in place at the local level, this bill, if it becomes law, would extend those protections statewide.

Currently, people who identify as LGBTQ have no protections in place to prevent people from discriminating against them in housing, employment and public accommodations except in the 21 cities that have passed fairness legislation.

“I’m very proud to have introduced this week the statewide fairness bill which would do what 21 other cities in Kentucky, not including Bowling Green, have done. So certainly we would like that to move,” Minter said.

Minter, who has been a champion for civil rights in Bowling Green for many years, hopes to bring about change for an entire class of people who are currently not protected outside of the 21 cities where fairness ordinances have been enacted.