Michael Delaney selected as Bowling Green’s new chief of police

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Commissioners in Bowling Green have selected Michael Delaney as the city’s next top cop.

Delaney, an deputy chief, was chosen during a special city commission meeting Tuesday morning. Delaney will become the city’s first black police chief.

“Core values that we already have now, community service, we are all public and I’d like to bring community based policing, enhance it more, get involved with the community and have the community involved more with us. And transparency, so the public can trust us and trust that we are doing the right thing and doing it for them,” said Delaney.

Delaney replaces Doug Hawkins, who announced his retirement several weeks ago. Hawkins will leave the force on July 31.

“He keeps his word. He says what he means. He’s what we look for in a leader and I think he has all the skills and all the talents to be a great chief moving forward,” said Hawkins.

Deputy Chief Penny Bowles and Assistant Chief Brian Harrell were also candidates vying for the position.

Bowling Green city manager Jeff Meisel  had a major roll to play in the choice

“Mike has a special quality about him with people. He’s very involved in the community already, very connected and he has a great command presence with others and his officers and we feel like he’ll be a great leader for the police department and in our community. In the end, Mike Delaney was the person we thought could lead the department into the future,” said Meisel.

Delaney says helping others is the purpose of it all.

“That’s the most important thing to me. It’s not about Mike Delaney. It’s about helping other people and helping them succeed. So, if I can help one person along the way, that would be the greatest legacy,” said Delaney.