Metcalfe County Superintendent Dr. Benny Lile shares his plans on retirement

EDMONTON, Ky.- For seven years,  the Metcalfe County Schools in Edmonton Kentucky were overseen by superintendent Dr. Benny Lile. Come May 2020, he’ll be retiring after an entire 35 years in public education.

“A much higher authority than me once wrote, ‘to everything, there’s a season,’ and I think it’s my season. I feel like the district’s in a good position. A lot of great people are here working together. I just think it’s time for a new person,” Lile said.

Lile called the Metcalfe County Schools a family, including the students and staff at each of the Metcalfe schools. Staff said they’re happy for Lile, even if this announcement stings a bit.

“Dr. Lile has been a mentor for me ever since I came to Metcalfe County. One thing about him is that he’s just a man of character and integrity,” said Metcalfe County High School Principal Clint Graham.

Graham said Lile has left a positive impact on the hornet’s nest.

“He’s not only my superintendent, but he’s a guy that I call a friend, and I always will,” Graham said.

Dr. Lile lived another life outside of being superintendent. He’s also the rhythm guitarist for the Hornet’s Nest Pickers. The drummer is Metcalfe County Middle School Principal Allen Trotter.

“I would probably have to say my favorite memories with Dr. Lile would be when we played music. We’ve played for staff here in the district whether it be for opening day events for the school year or at events out in the community,” Trotter said.

Faculty and staff are confident that Lile has set a good example for the next superintendent. Lile said even after he’s gone, the Metcalfe County Hornets will continue to learn and grow.