Metcalfe County residents participate in Covid-19 drive-thru testing

EDMONTON, Ky.- Metcalfe County residents lined up in their cars to get tested for the coronavirus on Friday.

The free testing took place in front of the Metcalfe County Head Start building in Edmonton.

The tests were made possible through a collaboration between the county, the Barren River District Health Department and FH&L Family Practice.

Emergency management director Emory Kidd said it takes a village to keep everyone healthy.

“We’re very lucky to have people willing to work with us and make it come together where we could do it,” Kidd said.

As of Friday, Metcalfe County still does not have a single confirmed case of Covid-19, which is why owner of FH&L Family Practice Angela Jessie said she’s glad residents could get tested in their home county.

“I think it does protect us a little bit more. It doesn’t require citizens to leave the county to go to other counties, which may have the virus there that is much more prominent,” Jessie said.

Metcalfe County Judge-Executive Harold Stilts said the added convenience of testing right in the county may convince more residents to get tested in the future.

“We felt like if they could get tested locally, they would be more apt to get tested, so we felt we needed to do this for the residents,” Stilts said.

Jessie recommends getting tested whenever possible if symptoms are present.

“It allows you to decrease your exposure of other people. So many people may have that sense of, ‘well it can’t happen to me.’ It’s always better to know,” Jessie said.