Metcalfe County Hornets safely celebrate a high school tradition, Homecoming week.

EDMONTON Ky.-Students of a local high school are taking another step closer to how things used to be. This week, they’re celebrating a high school tradition.

Students at Metcalfe County High School have the chance to participate in various theme days for homecoming week. Each day, a different outfit style will be the theme. For example, Monday was pajama day.

Last year, only some students were learning in-person, while others were virtual. This year, students are back 5 days a week. Even with masks, school staff say they’re glad to see the students participate in a well-known tradition, as it’s essential for their emotional development.

Metcalfe County High School principal Clint Graham said these are moments that students should treasure, so they can look back on them for years to come.

“High school is some of the best days of your life. People sometimes try to wish it away and whatnot because it can be difficult, but the reality is, you’re with your friends, you’re just having a good time here in high school. We’re excited to provide the activities and watch them have fun doing it,” Graham said.