Metcalfe County High School students safely prepare for ACT

EDMONTON, Ky.- While a growing number of colleges are abandoning ACT scores as part of their admissions process, many are not, leaving high schools to find ways to administer the American College Test during this pandemic.

To prepare, those students planning to take the test Saturday from Metcalfe County High School for example are getting ready with refresher sessions.

For math specifically, Metcalfe students met both in-person and virtually Wednesday morning for preparation to limit the number of students in the classroom. This was limited to students taking the test this weekend only.

Despite complications the pandemic has caused, Metcalfe County High School Principal Clint Graham said he’s confident the students will do well, and it’s a testament to his staff.

“We feel like our teachers have developed an online learning platform where students are learning at high levels and we’re blessed to be part of a staff and teachers that go above and beyond for their students,” Graham said.

The ACT official website has more information on how the pandemic has affected the test as a whole. For more information, follow this link.