Metcalfe County bands together to create signs for front line workers

EDMONTON, Ky.- Each and everyday health care workers and nursing home staff are serving the community on the front lines, like the Metcalfe Health Care Center. The nursing center has had to close to visitors due to COVID-19.

“We absolutely cannot wait for that moment when we can open our doors, and we can allow those family members to come back in and to hug our residents. They need that,” said Metcalfe Health Care Center administrator Amy Neighbors.

The community of Metcalfe County saw that need. Several organizations have made signs to show appreciation to front line workers for all they do, which have decorated the fronts of facilities like the health center. This initiative of the signs was started by Edmonton State Bank executive assistant Freeda Reece. Since then, others have followed.

“I thought if we as a community could get involved and have more signs, then it would not only encourage the employees, but the residents could actually see the sings lined up,” Reece said.

The goal is to get as many sings in front line worker’s yards as possible. The Metcalfe County School District also buzzed in to show support.

“We are extremely pleased and happy that they’re being recognized, although we know not to the extent that they deserve,” said Metcalfe County School District director of instruction Josh Hurt.

The goal is for these support signs to spread even faster than COVID-19, and even six feet apart, the Metcalfe County community has become closer than ever.

“Just what the community has shown us in the last several weeks in this pandemic has made us feel so appreciated. We’re so fortunate to have a community that cares about us, cares about our residents, and s doing what they can to show appreciation,” Neighbors said.