Men accused of using Tinder to set up robbery

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Bowling Green police arrested two men and a juvenile late Thursday night accused of using Tinder to set a woman up for a robbery.

Kenan Husic, 21, met a woman on Tinder and set up a meeting with her Thursday afternoon at Lampkin Park, according to his arrest citation.

Husic got into the car with the woman and as they began talking two other males approached her vehicle.

One of the people approached the car with a handgun and tapped on the window. She opened the car door and the male stole her purse and phone. She struggled with the man to try to keep her purse and ultimately was knocked to the ground. She believed she had been struck by a gun, according to Husic’s arrest citation.

The other male on the passenger side of the vehicle took Husic’s phone to make it look like Husic was also a victim, according to his arrest citation. Husic told the woman he would go to his brother’s house and call for help. He left in a Ford F-150.

The woman was taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment.

Police later found the truck where they could see a purse and a handgun in plain view, according to the citation.

A juvenile admitted to being the driver of the suspect vehicle. The gun turned out to be an air gun. He said Husic set up the robbery and the woman would be an easy target, according to Husic’s arrest citation. The juvenile denied pistol whipping the woman and said she was injured falling to the ground.

Police interviewed Husic who at first said he was a robbery victim but eventually told police he didn’t think the two were going to pull off the robbery while he was still in the vehicle.

Husic’s father owns the truck and allowed police to search it where they found a set of keys and the woman’s purse.

Husic deleted the juvenile and the other person charged, Admir Becirovic, 18, from his Snapchat App which deleted all correspondence discussing the robbery, according to Husic’s arrest citation.

Becirovic was a passenger in the truck the juvenile is accused of driving to the scene, according to his arrest citation. He also made self incriminating statements to the police.

Husic is charged with first-degree robbery and tampering with physical evidence. Becirovic is charged with first degree robbery, Both men were lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail.