Memorial Honors “Pole Family” Destroyed In Hit-And-Run

Delaware residents mourn the loss of longtime roadside display. WRDE's Chandler Parr reports.

LEWES, Del. (NBC News/WRDE) — Residents of Lewes, Delaware are mourning the loss of a local landmark.

The “Pole Family” stood along Route 9 for years.

The mannequins, George, Millie, and the occasional baby, were always dressed for the occasion. They were decorated for Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, and were even dressed as health care workers.

They were struck by a car and destroyed over the weekend.

“That really upset me. Believe it or not. Because I go by and I say ‘What have they got on now?’ ‘Who changes their clothes?’ All these kinds of questions. And we always have a good laugh over it!” said Lewes resident Dominique Rohlfs.

There is a mystery surrounding the pole people. No one knows who had been dressing them.

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