Medical device helps prevent stroke

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A groundbreaking medical procedure is helping to reduce the number of stroke victims. That life changing procedure is now being offered for the very first time in Bowling Green.

Unfortunately, stroke deaths and complications are on the rise in the United States, but there’s a revolutionary procedure that helps to prevent stroke.

It’s an alternative to blood thinners, medications that can have dangerous side effects.

The procedure involves implanting a small device called Watchman into the left atrial appendage part of the heart.

In partnership with The Medical Center at Bowling Green, the Sahetya Medical Group is the first and only clinic in the region to offer the procedure.

“Before the device was available, they had to be primarily on blood thinners. There wasn’t an easily alternative option available. Patients may potentially have to travel long distances to obtain this therapy,” said Dr. Deepak Gaba at Sahetya Medical Group.

It’s a one time procedure that takes about two hours to complete.