McNeill Elementary 3rd graders showcase inventions

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Third graders at McNeill Elementary school in Bowling Green were hard at work as entrepreneurs on Thursday while their work was recognized. The students presented their work at the Invention Showcase. Students gave demonstrations to those who stopped by to check them out, from a WI-FI mitten to a lifelike sports gear rack, the children had great things to present.

“My invention was a de-tangling magic touch brush because I’m very tender headed. How my invention works is when you press the button on the brush, it will spray out the hair stuff,” said one third grade student.

“I made something that I would use a lot. I picked baseball. I put gum inside of a baseball because I play baseball a lot. I just thought it would be really helpful,” said one third grade student.

Third grade teacher at McNeill Elementary, Barbi Hammilton, said the Invention Showcase gives students an opportunity to put what they know to the test in a fun and educational way.

“It just gives the children an opportunity to do some problem solving, look at the invention process and how it works. They start off by thinking of a problem, and they use their creativity and their engineering skills to figure out a way to solve that problem,” said Hamilton.

While they’re having fun, the kids are also utilizing a very important skill, creativity, which will follow them throughout their lives.

“They’re more creative at this age than later, so if they see that they’re successful now, then hopefully that will stay with them and they’ll want to do it more. I love to see the pride that they show and the things that they’ve created,” said Hamilton.