Masks no longer required for summer events at schools

EDMONTON, Ky. – Governor Andy Beshear predicted that masks will not be mandated for schools in the fall. Several school districts are ready to leave masks behind for the summer.

As of now, some area school districts have made the announcement that masks are no longer required for summer programs and that this will be the case when school starts this fall.

This means that summer camp programs at the Metcalfe County Schools for example will no longer require students to be masked, which school staff say adds to the experience.

Metcalfe County School District superintendent Josh Hurt said after having the mask mandate for so long, this is a welcome change.

“On a scale of 1 to 10…12. We’re super excited. It affects us right now, we have a vibrant summer school program going on. We have kids on campus throughout the summer, and especially when we come back in August, we can’t wait to come back without the masks, maybe a little more normal,” Hurt said.

Even with the mandate lifted, students who feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask are encouraged to do so.