Mask Enforcement Underway In Washington State

Policy mandates all businesses must refuse service to customers who aren't wearing face coverings or face substantial fines. KGW's Devon Haskins reports.

(NBC News) — Businesses were at the ready Tuesday morning to enforce a statewide policy that mandates all businesses refuse service to customers who aren’t wearing face coverings.

Outside Parkrose Hardware in Vancouver, an assistant manager was greeting customers as they walked in and handing out masks to those who needed them.

“It’s going really well today,” she said. “The public has been very positive about wearing the mask indoors. We have had a few this morning that didn’t come prepared. But we are offering masks to the public, so they can still come in and shop with us.”

Violations can be enforced by Labor & Industries as a safety and health violation that could carry a penalty of nearly $10,000 or more.

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