Man accused of assaulting uncle with knife

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Bowling Green man is accused of pulling a knife on his uncle that resulted in injury.

Bowling Green police arrested Pu Kim, 25, after they were called to a fight at 2132 Stonehenge Ave. When police arrived they used an interpreter to speak to Kim’s uncle Pau Kap who said his nephew was angry at him and threatened him with a knife which ended with Kap getting two cuts to his hand, according to Kim’s arrest citation.

Kap said he didn’t know why his nephew was angry but suspected it had something to do with another family member taking the car keys, according to the arrest citation.

Kim invoked his right to remain silent and later said to police that he cut his uncle and he was sorry, according to his citation.

Kim is charged with second-degree assault and is lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail.