Mammoth Cave’s Green River Ferry area improvement projects underway

MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. – Mammoth Cave National Park is beginning construction on improvement projects near the Green River Ferry.

One of which involves a partially glass bridge made to be handicap accessible extending an already accessible trail.

“The accessible trail Echo River Springs is a really cool trail. We have a few accessible trails in the park, but this is one of the better ones we have because it has so many tactile exhibits that people can experience. There’s also these great glass panels so that if you’re in a wheelchair and you’re at one of our overlook, instead of looking through the handrail, you are actually looking through a clear panel and can see a great view,” said Molly Shroer, Public Information Officer for Mammoth Cave National Park.

This will complete the Echo River Springs Trail to create a full loop trail.

Another project includes finishing a canoe and kayak ramp that will help keep ferry and canoe and kayak traffic separate.

Jeff Bruce and his family used the ramp on Monday.

“Coming down the river before, you would take out right by the ferry and it was always coming back and forth. This just makes it so much easier to have this nice take out area right here. [It] makes it a lot safer so we don’t have to worry about fighting all of the traffic and the cars, because you always have cars coming down there too,” said Bruce.

And finally, the Green River Ferry will close once again to allow for the completion of the construction on the vehicle ramp extension.

“We are really excited to get it going and get it underway. We want the project to get complete because we know what an impact it has on the local communities and the park. Even our employees often use that ferry to get to the north side. So, having this project soon to be completed is something we are looking forward to,” said Shroer.

The closure will begin on September 8, following the typically busy Labor Day weekend.

These projects are internally funded and expected to be completed by the end of the year.