Where to go in Warren County when a tornado hits

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – Inclement weather has been on the rise and fall for the past few months, so it’s important to not only know what to have with you but also where to go.

Around Warren County, there are nine tornado shelters able to hold between 200 and 400 people in varying locations. All county parks have one shelter with two of them having two in the larger parks. As soon as a tornado watch is issued, that’s when park staff puts on their emergency hats and lets the public come in.

Travis Puckett, the Deputy Director of Emergency Manage in Warren County said park staff will turn on the parking lot lights, and start directing people to the shelter if they feel unsafe in their residence. “The walls are what they call ICF, insulated concrete forms. They’re concrete blocks reinforced with rebar and they have an insulation foam inside them that allows them to withstand winds up to 250 mph.”

They’re not built for comfort or long term so they just have first aid kits and water but they are immensely safer than your average home so if you feel the need to bunker down, please do so. Puckett added that the department wants everyone to be weather aware as possible and have multiple ways to monitor the weather which could mean phone, radio or what have you.

The deputy director ended the interview with a cautionary warning for citizens, saying “If you haven’t left your house by the time the warning is issued, we just would hope you’ve found a safe place in your home because a warning means it is happening.”

Check Warren County Emergency Management Facebook page for a look at all the parks and how many shelters are in each.