Luck Of The Irish: Dream Vacation Saved

(WJAR) Passengers scrambled to rearrange travel plans Thursday after Boeing’s 737 Max planes were grounded over crash concerns.

“Yesterday at 9 a.m., I got a text saying that our flight was completely canceled. I was shocked,” said Paula Hopkins, who was scheduled to fly to Dublin, Ireland from Rhode Ireland Thursday afternoon.

She’d been planning a trip to Ireland for a group of 22 to celebrate her father’s 80th and mother’s 77th birthdays, both on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I was completely panicking. I thought I was going to throw up all day,” Hopkins said as the group was about to head out with their rearranged plans.

She also had to rearrange plans for a handful of family members who were flying from other parts of the country on other airlines to meet them for the journey to Ireland, like her brother, Ken Casey.

“It’s been pretty hectic. At one point, I called my sister Paula and said, ‘I can’t get up here.’ I couldn’t figure out a flight,” Casey said.

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