Low voter turnout expected in Warren County on primary day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Tuesday is primary day in Kentucky. Registered Democrats and Republicans will head to the polls to choose the statewide public officials they’d like to see represent their party on the November general election ballot.

Statewide, the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office is predicting a low voter turnout of 12.5%

The same can be said in Warren County.

County Clerk, Lynette Yates, believes the turnout will not be great, based on the small number of absentee ballots that have already come in.

Warren county will operate 49 polling locations open on Tuesday.

Yates expects around a 12% turnout, similar to what Warren County saw in the gubernatorial primary in 2015.

Nevertheless, Yates has a message for registered voters.

“This is our voice for our state in our elections,” Yates said. “You want to be represented well from your governor, to your attorney general and secretary of state. This is an important election for us. I hope everyone turns out.”

Several Warren County polling places will be using new technology on Tuesday. It’s called an e-poll book and allows voters to sign in digitally by scanning a driver’s license. The device is replacing old paper rosters.