Louisville Ukrainians share fears for family and friends; join fundraiser rally to make a change

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Two Louisville Ukrainians are still worrying for their families in their home country.

Wanting to help out any way possible, these women are organizing a March… but they need your help.

Tatyana Malkin and Olga Savina are Louisville natives here in Kentucky, but their true roots are in Ukrainian soil.

The two women met at a prayer vigil for Ukraine this week and immediately bonded over their shared grief.

Tatyana said, “My family always lived about 15 minutes away from the center where the bombings are happening, and we couldn’t find them, and I still couldn’t find them.”

Tatyana learned that while some of her family escaped to Israel and Moldova, her Godmother’s family and toddlers are living underground in century old buildings.

“It’s every day you wake up and you hope no new buildings have not fallen down. It’s just devastating seeing the destruction. That city survived two occupations of Nazis with less damage.”

Olga says the hardest part is the uncertainty.  

“I get texts every day from them saying things like, ‘I just want the bomb Sirens to stop going off. I just want to go back to my normal life,’” said Olga.

“My great  aunt and uncle don’t want to leave. This is their home. This is their apartment. Where are they going to go? To a different country? They had burial plots set up, and now they don’t know where they’re going to be buried when they leave. There’s been a lot of tears. My mom has always been very strict and strong, but throughout these last two weeks I’ve seen her break down more than I’ve ever seen.”

Olga, Tatyana and about 20 others are organizing  this Rally and March in hopes of raising money for Ukrainians in need. 

Sponsors will sell paintings, stickers, t-shirts, buttons, anything to raise funding that they will send to volunteers on the ground. 

At the rally, people like Tatyana and Olga who are personally affected by the tragedy can connect with therapists and share their stories.

“That’s what families do. That’s what communities do. That’s what humans do for each other. We’ve got to stand up for each other and stand with each other.”

Sunday March 20th you can come to 300 East Witherspoon Street and march with Tatyana and Olga to support Ukraine. The rally and March is from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.