Lost River Cave creates Flash Fundraiser as a result of recent flooding

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Boat tours at Lost River Cave have once again stopped, due to an overabundance of rain.

“We found ourselves in a similar situation as we did earlier this year, which is pretty unprecedented,” Lost River Cave director of philanthropy Katie Cielinski said.

In response, Lost River Cave has unveiled the flash fundraiser, which is an online method where the general public can pitch in to help get tours going once again. The area will now need mulch work, new electrical fittings and sediment removal for boat tours to resume.

“The reason tours are so important is because it’s the majority of our funding. It comes in from locals and out of towners. It funds most of our mission. It helps keep the park free and open to the public, which is a big deal, to have 72 acres of nature right in the middle of town,” Cielinksi said.

Staff say the community has always been supportive of the park’s mission, which is why they’re expecting boat tours to start back up in no time.

“We’re really encouraged with the support that’s come in so far. We’re really excited that we’ll meet our goal in the end,” Cielinski said.