Lost River Cave Butterfly Habitat donations near fundraising goal

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A local attraction is extending thanks to the community as donations for a specific habitat continue to fly in.

Fundraising for the Charlie Miller Butterfly Habitat has now made it over 90% to the goal of $20,000, which is the goal every year. The Butterfly Habitat is funded solely on these community donations.

This comes as the Butterfly Habitat once again opened to the community for the 2021 season. These donations pay the way for these butterflies, and the vegetation they need to thrive.

Lost River Cave’s Kate Holmes said the community turnout for the butterfly habitat is always high, and she knows the community will continue to support the attraction.

“Everytime I’m down here, there are people in the butterfly habitat, because it’s open seven days a week, and it’s open from dawn to dusk. Everytime I walk down, people are here enjoying the butterflies, the caterpillars, the chrysalis. It’s just been really great. Our donor releases have been packed, and so it’s always a great experience,” Holmes said.

While the goal is to raise $200 a day through July 10, Lost River cave will always take donations to further support their mission.