Looking for a Derby souvenir? Here’s one straight from Silver Charm

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A Kentucky artist is creating some unusual art.

Coleman Larkin made mason jars filled with horse poop. Kentucky for Kentucky is selling them for $200.

“To me, it’s a product for champions,” Larkin said.

The droppings are not from just any horse, they come straight from 1997 Derby winner Silver Charm himself. The 25-year-old Thoroughbred is living on Old Friends Farm in Georgetown.

“I’m not one to reject ideas, especially if someone is very enthusiastic about it. I know the feeling. That’s how we got this place started,” said Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement President and Founder Michael Blowen.

Larkin actually went to the farm to handpick the poop from the champion racehorse.

“Silver Charm is a champion, I’m a champion, Kentucky for Kentucky are champions. I think whoever buys this has to be a champion,” Larkin said.

Larkin said his creation takes time to make.

“They have to be plucked at a certain time. I have to harvest them at a certain time. They have to be nice and fresh – that’s important so they keep their shape. They have to be dried – that’s very important. They have to be sealed,” he said.

If you’re wondering where to put something like this, Larkin has a few ideas.

“This would look excellent on your mantel. I think this would look excellent in your office. I think this would be a great Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift for people you love or hate,” he said.

There is a sweet sentiment behind the soil. When you buy one of these, some of your money goes to Old Friends to help care for horses like Silver Charm.

If you want to buy one, CLICK HERE.