Logan County Humane Society suffers small electrical fire

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. – Right now temperatures are unbearable.

But the Logan County Humane Society and its animals are feeling it the worst.

That’s because an overnight fire took out their power leaving them without heat.

Now, staff members are doing all they can to foster out and get the power back before tonight.

A little after 5 p.m. Monday night staff members were working late when they heard banging like wires sparking.

Lights began flickering on and off. After reaching the dog kennel, they could smell a strong smoke odor.

They contacted dispatch who alerted the Russellville Rural Fire Department to assist.

After noticing a burn mark on the metal on the walls and heat coming from the wall, they immediately evacuated all the animals.

There was a flame in the insulation where a wire was broken in half due to a nail driven through it years ago.

This is a building issue the Director, Amanda Castile, hopes the county will address.

When we visited the humane society this afternoon, there were 45 dogs and cats on the property.

The animals will now be fostered out and taken to humane societies like Bowling Green’s to be kept safe and warm.

There is a crew on site now fixing the wiring to restore power.

Until then, heat and generators are being used to maintain warmth in the buildings.

If you would like to donate generators, blankets, or help in any way contact Castile’s at 270-847-8440.