Logan County Hay Bale Trail back for an 8th year

LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. – As fall approaches, many communities are celebrating in their own way but one of the more unique might be in Logan County.

For the past 8 years now, Logan County’s tourism department has been encouraging residents to construct something made or straw an hay bales as a part of celebrating the harvest season. News 40 spoke to Logan County Tourism Executive Director Deedee Brown in Russellville who said with a submission deadline of September 28, it’s not too late to enter into the artsy contest and hopes as many residents, businesses and non-profits as able will feed into the fun that is the hay bale trail the county sets up every year.

Brown told News 40 that starting on September 29 the trail will be published with all the addresses of the creations countywide and is looking forward to seeing how people are kicking off the season. The theme this year is the 1970s but of course you don’t have to stick to it, Brown just hopes everyone has fun. She ended her interview with a big thank you to everyone who participates saying she knows that all the supplies involved are not cheap along with recommending that anyone interest in entering can visit the “Logan County – Tourism” Facebook page or their direct website at http://visitlogancounty.org.

News 40 visited Auburn as well and spoke to their tourism director, Rhonda Sullivan. Sullivan has made a few creations herself, mostly Barbie related as toys are Auburn’s theme this year and said that it’s probably a lot more effort than people think. This year in front of Auburn’s city hall, Sullivan made a “jack in the hay box” complete with a crank from an old firetruck to which she had to drive quite a hole in before being able to fit the crank inside. The tourism director said hay bales are bound extremely tight and trying to wedge anything inside takes a great amount of time to carve out a big enough hole to support something.