Locals react at the SOKY Fair

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – The SOKY Fair has returned to Warren County. Complete with all of the trappings of a county fair, food, rides and even a demolition derby.

One individual offering their services to fair attendees is Tony Sobota, a caricature artist. Set up in the shade of his tent with fans quietly roaring in the background, Sobota seems to be in his own world, working on various sketches while he awaits a customer. He says he attends at least 10 events per year at fairs doing his art, and that is a welcome reprieve from his art studio.

“It’s great, we’re just putting smiles on the planet,” Sobota said.

Moving over toward the rides where many people congregate, Justine McDaniel is seen with googly eyes on their sunglasses. Hanging out at the fair with their friends and enjoying the still warm but slightly cooler temperature as the sun began to set.

“It feels amazing, amazing, I love my friends so much,” McDaniel said.

Shortly after the sun set, the demolition derby began, the final event of the evening. A crowd amassed in stands next to the dirt track to watch the carnage unfold.

The SOKY Fair continues for one more day on Saturday, July 29. If you want to learn more, you can visit the event’s Facebook page.