Local woman’s family honors her memory by donating to animal shelter

MORGANTOWN, Ky.- When someone passes away usually flowers are donated. Well, 53-year old Kimberly Sanson Baxter loved animals. So instead of flower donations at her funeral, her family members asked for money to help out a local animal shelter.

Wednesday Morning a check for $3,800 was presented to the Butler County Animal Shelter, where the they are badly in need of funding.

The check was handed over by Baxter’s two sons Clint and Tanner, as well as her sister Karen Taylor and her niece Shea Sanson.

The 53-year old woman had plans to help on of the local animal shelters, when she passed away suddenly from a heart attack on November 27th.

Her family members then went into action.

“We just asked for donations for the animals instead of getting flowers. There’s nothing more than she liked helping animals, and we just want to be able to carry her name on. First we started out with a goal for $300, then next thing you know we’re up to $3,800,” said Tanner Baxter, Kimberly Baxter’s son.

Management at the Shelter said they are hoping to use the money to upgrade the facility.