Local state representative reacts to Nashville school shooting

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – As the nation directs its gaze to Nashville, a local state representative gave his thoughts to News 40.

Rep. Kevin Jackson, a former educator now turned lawmaker, spoke to News 40 briefly before returning  Frankfort for the last two days of the General Assembly.

Jackson said he “loses a piece of his heart” every time he hears about one of these incidents. Jackson said to the station he and his wife were talking about the incident later in the night after the shooting. Jackson said they have four small grandchildren, and he couldn’t imagine dropping one of them off at schools and they not come home.

The lawmaker said that with it being so late in this year’s session, he’s not sure anything will be addressed in the Kentucky government, but said that it will more than likely be a topic of discussion. Jackson ended the interview with saying “we have to figure out what’s best for our schools” and he promised he would be heavily involved in bringing people together to figure out what can be done to stop the “killing of our kids and teachers.”