Local spiritual healer helping efforts in eastern Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-A spiritual healer from Bowling Green is one of the seven Red Cross volunteers from our community helping in eastern Kentucky. 

Deane Oliva specializes in helping heal people who are hurting while they are going through tough times. 

Oliva is talking to people who just lost everything, trying to calm them down and direct them to the right resources. 

She said sometimes what people need is just an ear that’s listening and a shoulder to cry on. 

“One man said to me nature gives and nature takes back and right now it’s taking back full steam. There’s a lot of hope here that they know what’s lost, people have lived in their homes here for over 20 years,” said Oliva. 

Oliva, along with the other Red Cross volunteers from south central Kentucky will be in eastern Kentucky for two weeks to help with relief efforts.