Local schools weigh in on COVID booster update

GLASGOW, Ky. – A surprise Friday that will impact thousands across Kentucky.

Suddenly, many are now eligible to get a COVID-19 booster shot.

The FDA and a CDC advisory panel were previously split over boosters.

Both the FDA and CDC agreed that those 65 and over or with underlying conditions should be eligible for the booster shot.

The FDA approved the vaccine for those at risk because of their jobs, like doctors and teachers, but the CDC vaccine advisers voted against it.

Then, Friday morning, the CDC director sided with the FDA and is recommending boosters for those at risk because of their jobs.

This means, locally, some schools will be able to get their teachers booster shots soon.

Barren County School’s public relations person, Heather Gardner, says she is thankful to see teachers approved in hopes that schools will remain open.

“I think it means a lot to be identified as a front line worker and it really does show that people value the work that teachers do and how critical that is,” said Gardner.

But locals still have a lot of questions about what that means.

“For our school employees it was the Moderna version, so what I understand is you can’t mix the different versions of the vaccine and things. So, right now, I’m currently, it sounds great but we’ve got people that aren’t eligible for that aspect because it was the Pfizer that was approved,” said Glasgow Independent School’s director of pupil personnel Chad Muhlenkamp.

Garner says the staff at county schools were vaccinated with Moderna as well.

Both Muhlenkamp and Gardner say they will likely get the booster but want to do a bit more research about it before making that decision.

“There will be some people who will very readily, you know, take advantage of the opportunity and, you know, other people may come along later or they may be like me. They may want to read a little bit more about it and then do it and I’m sure will have people who just opt not to do it,” said Gardner.

The next steps are unknown. Even local hospitals say they are unsure of the exact details of the booster shot.

It is also important to note that the third shot for Moderna is not the same thing as the booster shot of the Pfizer.