Local school districts address non-traditional instruction methods

EDMONTON, Ky.-Non-traditional instruction is becoming more and more traditional as students learn through a pandemic.

In rural areas like Metcalfe County, some students’ homes may not have the needed equipment, or a steady internet connection. According to the Metcalfe County School district’s Superintendent Josh Hur, the district has been at work getting in touch with parents to meet their needs.

“As part of our getting back to school committee, we had our principals and counselors try to get in contact with every single parent and ask if they have a device that works, if there’s enough for the family, and if they have connectivity,” Hurt said.

For those who just need equipment, the district is looking to provide chrome books. For those with unreliable internet, the district will work with that family to make sure they have what’s needed, such as creating a hot spot where students can travel to submit assignments.

The hot spot idea is also in the works in Edmonson County.

“We’re looking at some options to try to help not necessarily improve the internet access at their particular home but get quality internet access close to their home where they could go to upload or download content,” said Edmonson County School District Superintendent Brian Alexander.

While that obstacle comes as an added challenge in this world of non-traditional instruction, district officials say their priority is the students.

“We take the safety, health and education aspect very seriously here, and we’re trying to make decisions where we can have a positive impact on our kids,” Alexander said.