Local residents react to President Trump’s second impeachment

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Just days before the end of President Donald Trump’s only term in office, the House has voted to impeach him for a second time.

He is the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

With emotions high, many Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building just last week while Congress was attempting to certify the electoral college votes. What began as a protest that day ended as insurrection.

Trump is credited for inciting the violence that left multiple people dead and Congress hunkered down in hiding for several hours.

Local residents were asked about their thoughts of Trump’s impeachment Wednesday, some supporting it, and others calling it ridiculous.

“I don’t think they should impeach him because, for the most part, I think a lot of people have seen the good of what this guy has done. Their purpose for impeaching him is basically so he can’t run again,” said Norman, a local resident.

“I mean it’s ridiculous. There is only just a few days. They are giving the election to a corrupt president anyway,” said William Conner, a local resident.

“Show me the proof, you know, that he actually said something to incite them. I think that you are innocent until proven guilty and they are just assuming he’s guilty. They have tried for four years and it’s not worked,” said David Clark, a local resident.

Others believe the time has come for Trump to reap the consequences of his actions.

“I mean you can’t plan a robbery at your place of business and then expect to come back to work the next day and keep your job. Like, you can’t incite this kind of violence and then expect to keep going with what you are doing,” said Mackenzie Humphress, a local resident.

“I mean it really doesn’t matter to me but all the chaos that he’s putting the world through, I think they should,” said Janika Taylor, a local resident.

Whether or not the local public agrees, Trump has been impeached by the House.

The next step is for the Senate to try the impeachment. The constitution requires two thirds vote in the Senate to convict, and the Senate can also disqualify Trump from holding public office in the future.