Local residents getting signatures to show support to law enforcement

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Some local residents are working together to show support for law enforcement officers.

That support being shown by individuals adding their names to a document of other supporters.

Two men gathering supporters of the badge with hopes of boosting morale of those wearing the uniform, according to David Eakles of Bowling Green.

“I want to just look at every police officer I see, whether they’re county, city, state, or whatever, DEA, any of those guys and say thank you. I think they’ve got to have low morale right now because for what a few officers have done they are all taking the blame,” said Eakles.

An initiative that started just over a week ago, the petition already has over 400 signatures.

One of the men, Stan England, says he hopes this is a movement that can unite everyone.

“We’ve had some problems nationally. Now we’ve got to sit back and be calm and work together whether were rich or poor, whatever, black or white, and we’ve got to come up with answers that will benefit everyone in the future. I don’t know what those answers would be but I think it if we are calm about this and one of those things I know, is everyone needs, maybe, a better or more opportunities throughout,” said England.

“As a military person myself serving during the Vietnam War, I know what it’s like maybe not to get the respect that you deserve,” said Eakles.

Western Kentucky University Police Chief Mitch Walker is supporting the efforts.

“The things that we’ve been seeing in the news has been a little disheartening as it relates to law enforcement. We haven’t seen anything on a local level as far as any major changes, however there’s some anxiety, there’s a little anxiety right now, and we know there’s going to be some changes and we’re not sure exactly what those changes will be at this point,” said Walker.

The signature sheet has been posted online and is also being collected in person.

After getting signatures, they plan to present all signed copies to the Bowling Green City Commission, Warren County Fiscal Court and Western Kentucky University.

To sign the petition, you can go to https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/thank-you-to-law-enforcement-officers.