Local resident reflects on Sears after it files for bankruptcy

An iconic department store beloved by many for its catalog used for Christmas shopping is headed for closing time permanently.

That’s after it announced a file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Here locally, Sears at one point served the community in downtown Bowling Green.

It resided alongside United Furniture, which still stands today beside an empty lot where Sears once stood.

In the late 1980s, Sears relocated to where it is today, in Greenwood Mall.

However, that won’t be for long after Sears announced their ongoing financial struggles.

As part of the chapter 11 bankruptcy, Sears will close 142 stores towards the end of the year.

Within those 142 includes the one here in Bowling green, Grayson, Kentucky and in russell springs, kentucky.

Sears expects to begin liquidation sales shortly.

The company’s last profitable year was 2010.

However, Bobby Holloway who is a local resident will never forget how special Sears was.

Holloway lives at Signature Healthcare of Bowling Green and shared how Christmas was his only favorite holiday.

He remembers that kids would circle what they wanted from a Sears catalog.

After chuckling he said, "They didn’t always get what they circled, but they still circled them."

The company also announced that CEO Eddie Lampert will be stepping down effective immediately.

The company has been in survival mode for more than a decade.