Local radio host reacts to reports of low ticket sales for Toby Keith concert

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Toby Keith fans are gearing up for a big concert this weekend at the Bowling Green Ballpark, but ticket sales are not what venue managers expected.
Not as many tickets have been sold as expected.

Local radio hosts have been helping promote the show by giving away tickets. WGGC radio in Bowling Green is even hosting a ‘party on the plaza’ the night of the concert to encourage country music fans to show up.

Kenny Beckman is an on-air host for WGGC he says that Bowling Green is a ‘day-of’ town and believes many people will be waiting till Saturday to buy tickets for the concert.

“This is a last minute market. A lot of people wait till the last minute to see what the weather might be like on Saturday. A slight little rain chance might deter you, but we’re here to tell you to not worry about that because the party is going to go on regardless,” Beckman said.

Many local schools start their fall break this weekend as well which could be another factor causing low ticket sales.

Toby Keith is one of the biggest artists to perform a show in Bowling Green in the past few years. Ballpark officials are hoping this concert will bring a lot of revenue into the community.

The show is this Saturday at 6 o’clock at the ballpark. Click here to purchase tickets.