Local pharmacies transition from using Johnson & Johnson vaccine

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Much like the rest of the country, Kentucky has temporarily paused the use of Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines. 

But how does this affect local pharmacies where this one-shot vaccine was available?

“We immediately pulled that and paused that vaccination,” said pharmacist Steve Sheldon of Sheldon’s Pharmacy. 

Sheldon’s Pharmacy had been giving out Johnson and Johnson in the past and had appointments set throughout the rest of this week. 

“You know we had five stores in this vicinity and we all had bookings. So we made phone calls and let them know that we wouldn’t be giving the Johnson & Johnson, that we would follow up with another appointment once we get the Moderna or Pfizer in,” said Sheldon.  

Sheldon said they are able to get the other two vaccines because they have the correct freezer conditions for them. CDS #10 had just gotten their second shipment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as well. They said they are giving out their Pfizer vaccines and holding onto Johnson & Johnson until further notice. 

“Hopefully we’ll get some guidance pretty soon. The CDC was supposed to meet today so hopefully we’ll find out what they say and go from there,” said CDS #10 co-owner Darren Lacefield. 

Sheldon says he doesn’t want this situation to dissuade anyone from getting one of the other vaccine options. He said it is important to get vaccinated. 

“If you were signed up for the Johnson & Johnson, you obviously want to get a vaccine, you’re looking at the pros and cons, the risk associated with the vaccine and now I’m sure there’s more hesitation than there was given this Johnson and Johnson news. But remember that was 6 or 7 people out of 7 million,” said Sheldon.