Local officials respond to threats early on in school year

FRANKLIN Ky.-It’s early on in the new school year and already three students are facing terroristic threatening charges after allegedly making threats toward two different area school districts.

Thursday in Allen County, authorities said a teen was charged after admitting to leaving a voicemail for the Allen County Board of Education demanding money and threatening a massacre if the payment was not received.

On October 2 at Franklin-Simpson High School, Franklin police were notified of a threat to the students written on a bathroom stall.

Just a few weeks prior, another threat was made against Franklin-Simpson High.

School officials said that even if these threats are meant to be a joke, the schools and law enforcement will not stand for it.

Superintendent of the Simpson County Schools Tim Schlosser said monitoring this behavior is especially important this year.

“We try to communicate to our kids the severity of these. Every threat is serious. Whether you’re kidding around or not, we don’t take it that way. In 2019, we can’t,” Schlosser said.

This year in Kentucky, school district officials are required to pursue immediate legal charges for felony second-degree terroristic threatening against anyone who makes threats, including students.