Local neighborhood fighting commercialization

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Things are looking up for residents of one Warren County neighborhood after last night’s meeting with the City-County Planning Commission to discuss a possible zoning change for adjacent farmland.

After the meeting, a decision was made by the Planning Commission to recommend the zoning remain the same.

It all comes after a trucking company filed for a zoning change in an attempt to build on that farmland just next to the Stone Crest neighborhood.

It does not mean, however, that a final decision has been reached.

The decision is now in the hands of the Bowling Green City Commission, who has the final say.

“Generally, they follow what the Planning Commission recommendation is, but they do not have to, and in the past they have overturned from time to time, but generally that’s the exception, not the norm,” said Ben Pederson, Executive Director, City-County Planning Commission of Warren County.

Some neighbors said the change would bring noise and traffic to the area.

The company, however, would provide jobs and economic advancement to Warren County.